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Ansel Elgort is somewhat of an enigma, despite being the star of not one but TWO highly anticipated young adult movies, he is still a breakout star without much of a back catalogue to dig into.

Thankfully - with a bit of savvy Googling - we have managed to unearth a few little known nuggets about the Fault In Our Stars hunk so you don't have to. You're welcome!

1. Obscure back catalogue

You guys may be thinking that Elgort hasn't done that many acting gigs in the past, but you just need to look for productions on a much smaller scale. The star is a graduate of New York's prestigious LaGuardia arts high school and he has taken centre stage in many a production there. One of his most fondly remembered was playing the role of Link Larkin in Hairspray. The cheeky chappie clearly enjoyed playing the heart throb. He said:

There is Nothing like wooing a girl in front of 1,200 people!

2. Breaking out
Ansel Elgort in Carrie
Ansel Elgort in Carrie

The young actor made his onscreen debut in the 2013 remake of Carrie, but that wasn't the only first that came with making the film. Elgort was just a tender 18 at the time and he told Interview magazine that;

It was actually my first time away from home. I got to live alone for three months in my own place in Toronto

Bless his little cottons!

3. Lover AND brother?!

I am sure you all already know that Elgort stars in both The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent alongside Shailene Woodley, but did you know in one movie he plays her boyfriend, and in the other he is her sibling? Confusing!

4. Pirouetting to the top

Ansel Elgort shows what he learned at ballet school
Ansel Elgort shows what he learned at ballet school

Ansel has some secret twinkle in his toes. The young actor is also a trained ballet dancer and has studied under Olga Kostritzky, who prepped Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan. All of that dancing discipline almost certainly played a part in sculpting his fit physique, but it was not a loving relationship. The star told the press that;

I hated the ballet but I liked performing

It might be cruel to force his hand, but I for one would love to see Elgort crammed into a pair of tights again. Any other takers?

5. The camera loves him... In all disciplines!

It seems that everyone who comes into contact with this young heartthrob is perpetually swooning in his wake! Not only has he been described by the head of drama at his exclusive school as;

A very clear type -- a handsome leading man. He goes out of his way not to play that up. But if I was casting Armie Hammer's younger brother, I'd look no further than Ansel

He has also had success flaunting his impossibly good looking face for publications such a Teen Vogue as a model.

6. Ripping up the decks like a don

Ansel Elgort has a DJ side project
Ansel Elgort has a DJ side project

As if he didn't have enough skills under his belt already, the talented Elgort is also a musician! The star recently broadcast on Twitter that;

I write music because I love it. Sometimes more than anything in the world

It seems he isn't the only one to appreciate his side project as the electronic DJ, Ansolo though. His co-star Woodley told MTV in regard to his music that;

He's got the perfect balance of being quirky and young . . . and an old soul. He's a nugget of light!

So there you have it, not only is Ansel Elgort a grade A-babe, he is also multi-talented too. If I didn't find him so hot I would be reaching for the vomit bucket, such perfection just isn't natural!

Are you guys looking forwards to seeing more of Elgort sprawled across your screens?

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(Images: Perez Hilton via Flaunt Magazine, Scene Magazine, Pintrest and ASOS)


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