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Jamie Thomas

WHAT IF A DOCUMENTARY WENT TO HELL? On January 3, 2012, award winning filmmaker Benjamin Meade and musician Danny Cox traveled to Haiti in an attempt to bring American Roots Music to a small village on the Northwest Coast. They found themselves stuck in an a poor lawless culture under extremely dangerous and life threatening conditions. To further complicate things, the trip was sponsored in part by a missions organization dead set on religious conversion of the Haitian people in the midst of the starvation, disease and mental illness.

Much of the images captured in this film were shot in places and of subject matter that even Haitian people never experience. Although the music is incredible and the scenery breathtaking, the omnipresent danger to the crew and horrific images of the people were enough to send any person over the edge. Now 18 months later recovering from PTSD, filmmaker Meade releases the short film Optimistic Chaos. There will not be a film anything like this for a long time…..Guaranteed. YOU CAN PURCHASE THE FILM HERE


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