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Throwdown! Showdown! Moneydown! DAWGTOWN!!
- Al Letson (the voice of the MC in this movie)

"Dawgtown" is an upcoming animated film that is now in production down in Jacksonville, Florida. The film is hoping to revive the old nostalgic 2D traditional hand-drawn animation (instead of the usual 3D CGI animation we get nowadays in theatres) and have subject matter not suitable for children under the age of 13 (instead of the usual family-friendly comedy flick). Hopefully, this will be an animated film unlike any other today.

The story revolves around a pitbull named Max who gets taken from his master and finds himself in the brutal world of underground dog fighting, where he must lead all the enslaved pitbull dogs to freedom. It's Gladiator meets Animal Farm!

The premise may not sound like much, but what makes the movie interesting for some is its use of classical hand-drawn animation, which (along with stop-motion kinda) is rare nowadays due to the overrated use of CGI.

The movie is being created by Jacksonville-based writer and comic book artist, Justin Murphy and co-produced by ex-Digital Domain employee Bruce Bullock. Freelance animator Erin Humiston ("Saving Santa", "The Bear & The Hare (John Lewis Christmas advert 2013)") has been the first animator to be hired to do drawings for Max, and Chicago P.D. star Jason Beghe recorded his lines for Max's nemesis, Mauler, Dawgtown (the place where Max was taken to)'s champion, and other stars like Zoe Saldana ("Avatar", "Guardians of the Galaxy") and Carl Weathers ("Predator") are in negotiations to voice the other characters like Athena (Max's love interest and the pit bull trainer), Julius (a down-in-luck gambler who brings Max to Dawgtown, hoping that Max will be a champion thus making him rich), Big Boss (the Biggie Smalls-esque ruler of Dawgtown) and Thunder (a pitbull with a tough Jesse Ventura-esque personality, in fact, Jesse himself is also negotiated to voice Thunder). Justin Murphy had done over 2 years of designs and backgrounds for the film. Other animators like Sarah Airriess ("Frozen", "Wreck-it Ralph"), Mael Gourmelen ("Zarafa", "Despicable Me 2", "Winnie the Pooh") and many ex-Disney animators like James Lopez and Dan Tanaka are currently in negotiations to join the newly-formed animation crew.

UPDATE #1: Heavyweight champion George Foreman has recently done the voice for one character named "Vicious Vic" (who is a pretty ironic character), recording his lines down in Houston, Texas.

NOTE: More updates will be posted here about the film soon.

This movie is hopefully aiming for a 2018 release, and at the moment, Justin is finishing up the storyboards and will be looking for the cast and crew, and investors for his film by the middle of 2015.

Here's the interview with Jason Beghe (the voice of Mauler):

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