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Phil M Payton

I use to have a big affection for Lego when i was young. it was all i played with up to roughly 10. I loved the creativity of it, the worlds, objects that you could build and it was probably partly responsible for wanting to be an illustrator. So while i no longer have any its something i hold close to my heart. Which is why i was partly worried for this film, partly because i didn’t want it to sully my memory of it. But mainly because i didn’t want it to be some sort of cash in, marketing tool to sell more of the stuff.

After seeing it, i do still partly feel that way but that’s probably unavoidable because of what it is. But it no longer bothers me, as it lived up to the hype and the critical acclaim it has received. It’s by no means perfect it has its issues but even though they are present the joy of the film is seeing the sheer creativity on offer. Headed by ‘Phil Lord’ it exudes playfulness and everything that Lego IS - and that’s fundamentally important to this films success. ‘Emett’ (Chris Pratt) is an everyday construction worker that stumbles upon what is the savior from the destruction of the world by Lord Business. ‘Emett’ is pure positivity embodied and is always about following the instructions.

As Emett’s roller-coaster journey begins and for the first time the world opens up i had a big grin on my face. It has has these moments in spades, its full of wondrous, diverse locations. And because Lego covers a large amount of other series its able to add in the likes of Superman (Channing Tatum), Batman (Will Arnett), Lando (Billy Dee Williams) giving us the feeling this really is everything Lego has.

The weakest aspect of the film is the story unsurprisingly, its not bad it delivers the clear message that Lego strives for - and what iv’e already said twice, creativity is king. The thing that prevents it from reaching something like ‘Up’ is the attachment to the characters. I didn’t have any, it’s beautiful, hilarious but i didn’t really care about these characters - they’re funny but not particularly engaging. The one thing it cannot be accused of lacking is humour, i was surprised at how sharp and witty it was - not always mind, the “everything is awesome” bit wore thin after a while. With the amount of different characters involved it allowed for obscure references that others wouldn’t get away with.

Minor niggles aside ‘The Lego Movie’ is a monumental success, it’s funny, has a nice message for kids and is beautiful to look at. And yeah the result will probably be an increase in Lego sales reaffirming my belief that it was a ‘tool’. But for the animators, writers, actors it isn’t. There’ clearly been a lot of love and effort put into this - after all this is no accident. It has me eagerly awaiting the inevitable sequel and hope that’s even better.

A-, 8.5/10

Favourite Parts:

- The brilliant and huge towns, cities.

- Really great and large cast.

- Wasn’t expecting to laughs as much as I did. A rare thing for a trailer to not come close to the amount of jokes and wit in the actual film.


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