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Phil M Payton

At this point in this seasons and the turns its previously taken it’s vital that things start to truly move forward. Being in the mansion is nice but there’s only so much that c be done there - sure last episode was probably the best of the season so far but it was STILL establishing things. Now ‘Pam’ is an agent of sorts (albeit with a coke issue) and ‘Cheryl’ or ‘Cherlene’ has set out on here country music carrier. Things have changed but for the better and we can finally see the big picture all come together.

Its not too long before most are on the road as they take ‘Cherlene’ to her first gig as a country western singer. With ‘Archer’ insisting on recreating ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ - more of his ‘Burt Reynolds’ obsession. It’s more about ‘Pam’ than anyone else. The plot is moved forward but for the most part it tackles the issue of Pam’s ‘situation’ - and her real reason for all the cocaine. It’s interesting to see the show tackle this issue first before the whole country thing and the gangs direction. But I still fell there wasn’t enough of a push forward on the money issue.

After the last episode I’d be lying if I said this is step down but it’s not a massive one and the fact that the show is now beginning to focus is great. Putting everyone in an enclosed space usually results in on of the shows best for jokes. But it felt a little lacking here. It was good some clever jokes and some call backs to the previous episodes ensuring continuation. I’m always interested in ’Malory’ and ‘Ron’ - although that doesn’t appear like it’ll happen gain.

Another great addition to a very, very consistent season 5 of ‘Archer’. ‘Vice’ is proving to be mixing things up greatly while still keeping the core that makes the show such a joy to watch. It’s still in the planning stages as far as the big picture is concerned but tackling ‘Pa’ quicker may prove to be smart - but with ‘Archer’ there’s always a chance they’ll flip it and keep it going. Either way I’m still looking forward just not as hyped.

B+, 8/10

Favourite Parts:

- ‘Pam’ has feelings, who knew?

- Ray: “This stopped being funny 2 hours ago!” Krieger: “Who said it was funny?”. Pam: "Cyril choke-banged you on the blip. What, we were all thinking it.". Cheryl: "I will be on my tour bus putting whiskey and glue inside me".


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