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And so the final run of one of my favorite tv shows of all time begins

**Will Contain Spoilers**

This episode kicks off the beginning of the end, with it we get the first glimpses of goodbyes and closing of story lines that we have seen from the beginning of the series. The episode revolves around one of those in particular, but it expands to other ones, Carlton becoming chief of SBPD. We being with a great moment, chief Vick is back! But then they take the joy away by saying she is leaving Santa Barbara and going to become chief somewhere else and with this Lassey has his first hopes to becoming the new chief, his lifelong dream.

The mayor has a special case that was never closed and Lassey takes this case as a way to please the mayor and have the opportunity to become the next chief. The case was very simple, the hard part of it was that the murder happened decades ago and with very few witness still alive (cold case style!), we get some very cool flashbacks with the gang representing people involved with the case. On another note, Juliet is asked to become head detective and leave with Karen which causes an internal conflict with her, something that seems solved once Shawn tells her that he is so devoted to helping Lassey not only because it's the right thing to do, or it's his dream but also because it will help her become head detective at the SBPD. So the case continues with the usual hit and miss, Shawn takes a seat back on this episode since the main focus is Lassey, the usual comedic moments are still there but not as often or as big; but like I said the case is very simple, in many ways it's not very important, what is important it's what is going on under it and the way it leads onto one of the most emotional moments of the series.

At the end of the episode Lassey solves the case and gets promoted to chief and here is where, personally, the biggest emotional moment of the episode happens. With Lassey becoming chief, the mayor said that there will changes in the department, mainly Juliet leavin. So here we get the core of their relationship, full of respect and love, a partnership that began stumbling but as seasons went by they got closer and relied on each other; Lassey told Juliet everything that she meant to him and why he will turn down the job, because he wants his friend next to him. Juliet won't let that happen, so she decides to take the job with Karen, letting Carlton have his dream job (eyes are tearing up at the moment thinking back at that scene). With this we close the first part, the detective duo of Juliet and Carlton, in many ways polar opposites but maybe that is why they work so well together. Kudos to Maggie and Timothy not only they have had great chemistry through the whole series, but here it seemed like not only two characters saying goodbye, but also two good friends and it is amazing when characters and their relationships transcend the writing and become something so great in real life.

With this decision, Juliet now tells Shawn, who is not ready to leave Santa Barbara having everything there; Juliet tells him she will wait for him to be ready, and sneaks at night leaving Shawn behind. With this we open another part that must close, Shawn's moment to grow up and with it I think we are going to see the next couple of episodes him closing relationships, friendships and more cases all leading to the final episode.**pure speculation** We will see him closing chapters with Lassey, something that I just thought is that their development was more subtle than Lassey and Juliet and I think it will be more impacting when they part. Henry must also come to a close, though I don't think it will be as bad as other characters but their father-son relationship took many turns and changes through the series that I think it will end sort of happy, with Henry being proud of his son. Other minor characters might get some quick goodbyes and cameos (like Woody!) but I don't think any of the goodbyes will compare to the main one, the one I think the title of the final episode "The Breakup" refers to. Shawn and Gus, in reality the whole series has been about two lifelong friends and their crazy adventures and I think this will be the hardest one to let go, they will remain friends, maybe Rachel will return, but Shawn will start his life with Juliet in San Francisco without Gus and that will be a big BIG step. All of this is pure speculation, especially because I've read the final episode is supposed to be full of laughter and fun, which it fits with the overall tone of the series but if they go the way I think they are going, there will be a lot of tears from now till then.

So what did you think of the episode? Did you cry as much as I did? Is my theory too crazy?


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