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Cody Reece

This list is going to focus on the heroes that Marvel should not give up on, or sell the rights to.

PS, I AM BACK! Been a while since I have written one of these babies.

#1 Captain America

Captain America is the one you can not let go of. Marvel has done great with this character and I would hate to see him go. But he wont, or we riot!

#2 Hulk

If you give up Hulk, you might as well give up on the Avengers. Hulk is the guy who does all of the awesome stuff. When you need some smashing, Hulk is the guy to do it.

#3 Iron Man

The First one to be in the Avengers and if the man in the Iron suit gets sold to anybody. I will start a protest. Plain and Simple.

#4 Black Panther

A hero that we have not seen on the big screen yet, but a hero we all have seen in the comics. If you have not see Black Panther Kick some butt in the comics, I suggest you do so right now. Cause this guy....oh this BEAST! He is so beast, he got Storm to be his wife!

#5 Thor

This is the God of Thunder! Do I have to say more?


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