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Kristen Stewart will be leaving her native L.A. behind in the next month to take up residence in New Orleans for her new flick, American Ultra.

The hardworking young starlet has been having a well earned rest in L.A. recently, but her time sipping piña coladas by the pool with her friends is drawing to a close.

Kristen kicking back with friends in L.A.
Kristen kicking back with friends in L.A.

The Equals star will be switching her laid back lifestyle for the whirlwind activity of the movie set for her brand new film, American Ultra. The action comedy is set in New Orleans and also stars KStew's Adventureland co-star, Jesse Eisenberg.

The shoot is scheduled to go on until June the 10th and will see Nima Nourizadeh in the directors chair. Kristen's role is as Eisenberg's live-in girlfriend Phoebe, and the movie centres around his life as a perpetually stoned backwaters waster whose unsavory past sneaks up on him.

Stewart and Eisenberg in Adventureland
Stewart and Eisenberg in Adventureland

Although the actress is best know for box office smashing hits such as Twilight or Snow White And The Huntsman, she has never been coy about letting the press know her heart is in the more Indie side of the industry.

When asked by Marie Claire Magazine about her feelings over being signed for the Snow White And The Huntsman sequel, the star told them blockbusters don't bring out the best in her as an actress. Kristen explained;

It's not where I thrive. I really like being thrown into the unknown and then finding my way. I don't want to show someone something. I want people to watch me find something

I, for one, am glad the Kristen sees the value of supporting independent film, and is not afraid to get involved in movies with controversial topics such as Camp X-Ray.

Are you guys avid followers of KStew's Indie career, or would you rather see her sticking to the blockbusters?

Leave me your thoughts below!

(Source: Entertainment Wise via Marie Claire)

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