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Iron Man is at the forefront of the fight for the greater good in real life as well as in the movies, but it is Super Max who is the real hero.

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel dedicated a portion of his show to raising awareness for a young child named Max who is battling a form of brain cancer. Little Max is such a fighter he is not content to just kick his own cancer's ass. The brave trooper is also dedicating his time to making the worlds longest rainbow loom to help other kids who are also afflicted with cancer.

Inspiring his entire school to go 'loom crazy' wasn't enough for Max and he is now encouraging all of America to get their rainbow on for a good cause. His aim is to build the worlds longest loom chain.

Max's aspiration to create a loom "about 100 miles" long has not yet been accomplished, but a special someone showed up to make another one of his dreams come true.

Super Max's favourite superhero, Iron Man was ushered onto the stage bearing some bonus Disney World tickets for added smiles. Although Max was clearly overwhelmed by meeting his idol, when they fist bump it bought a tear to my eye. And, it wasn't just me who was all choked up.

Jimmy Kimmel himself was clearly fighting back the tears at the end of the video as he called upon the nation to take up the cause along with the brave Max.

You would have to have a heart made of frozen steel to not be touched by this clip. It may not have been the real Iron Man, but to Max it meant everything.

Get your handkerchiefs at the ready and watch the heartwarming clip below;

If you have been inspired to help Max with his charity fundraising then please go to the Max Love Project and see what you can do to support the cause. If a seriously ill 7 year old can do his bit, I'm sure you can too!

Do you guys think that Jimmy Kimmel is a great guy for supporting such a good cause in such a ridiculous suit? And, more importantly, would you be willing to sweat it out in a Iron Man suit to bring a smile to sick children's faces?

I'm only 5 ft 2 so I probably wouldn't be the most believable Iron Man, but if any kids are seriously into R2-D2, I'm there!

Leave your messages of support for Super Max, Iron Man and the Jimmy Kimmel show below, and please share the message of this good cause. It only take a click.

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Would you be willing to dress up as a superhero to bring a smile to sick children's faces?


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