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Sons of Anarchy is still months away but fans impatient for all the spoilers, news and revelations they can get should check into showrunner Kurt Sutter's YouTube channel: WTF Sutter.

Usually full of the writer/creator's outbursts, rambling thoughts and profanity, Sutter has now taken the opportunity to announce which faces will be returning - and which won't be - on the upcoming season.

Regulars Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal are back of course but it was revealed that Jimmy Smits will reappear as Nero - and Peter Weller will be back as Charles Barosky, too.

Two of the female cast members, however, will have other commitments during the filming of Sons of Anarchy Season 7.

CCH Pounder (aka. DA Tyne Patterson) is involved in the NCIS New Orleans spin-off. She is expected to return, though, but how much might depend on whether that show is given a full season run.

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And it is a similar story for Kim Dickens, who plays Collette Jane. She is involved with Backstrom, and so may appear little if at all in the new season.

Sutter also revealed that he is considering a SOA side project with FX, and that he was encountering some resistance from the network to extend the series beyond the normal 13 episode run - which he feels is necessary to tie up all the conflicting story lines.

So what do you think? Will you miss the Dickens and Pounder, or are you just looking forward to some more brutal biker action? And what about the amount of episodes in the final season - do you think this show deserves an extended run? Answer these and ask any other question below the line.

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