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With the group scattered, the second half of this season of AMC's The Walking Dead has had each episode mainly focus on one mini-group, with the tension increasing all the time.

Well for next week's episode, "Still" it looks like it will be Daryl and Beth who take center stage.

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And Daryl sent fans into furious speculation as to what might happen next with an enigmatic tweet. On seeing the episode at a pre-screening, he wrote on Twitter:

Fans didn't know what this meant, nor what that second parenthesis was closing.

Some common theories were: Beth so good!! = Emily Kinney is a very good actor.

Or: Beth so good!! = Daryl and Beth were getting it on! Norman liked it.

Or - and this one was pretty popular: Beth, so good!! = Daryl turns zombie and eats Beth. Beth tastes good.

Norman Reedus even seemingly confirmed this last theory, though it's more than likely he was kidding.

All in all, it's hard to know - but with the episode coming up on Sunday, fans won't have to wait too long to find out.

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But what do you think he was referring to? Will he eat her? Will they hook up? Or is Beth just going to do something particularly awesome? Write in below with all your thoughts and speculations.

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Attention all Walking Dead fans! Once again we'll be live blogging during Sunday's episode so join us for chat, speculation and undead mayhem at We'll go live 30 mins before the episode airs and you can tweet us at . Look forward to seeing you all there.


In Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, Beth and Daryl are going to....


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