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I never had R-Patz down as a momma's boy, but rumors are circulating that momma Pattinson might have influenced his breakup with KStew.

In an interview with Teen Vogue the Life actor let slip that;

My mum's quite a dominant personality

That, coupled with gossip that she is definitely not a fan of Robsten, has got the rumor mill churning out articles about her influence on his relationship.

It has long been speculated that Clare Pattinson is not Kristen Stewart's biggest fan, especially since the Camp X-Ray actress cheated on her son with Rupert Sanders.

Kstew in an uncompromising clinch with Sanders
Kstew in an uncompromising clinch with Sanders

Sources from around the time of the high profile betrayal were adamant that Clare would never find it in her heart to forgive the actress for her salacious slip up. In fact, they even went as far as telling Look Magazine she might have had her say in the disintegration of the pair's relationship. Their exact words were;

[Clare] seemed very unhappy that he and Kristen got back together. She was incredibly shocked by those pictures of Kristen with Rupert and couldn't understand why anyone would want to cheat on her son. To begin with, it was like Clare didn't want to lay eyes on Kristen again, but of course she and Rob reunited and that was difficult for her.

I totally understand Clare's anger. If I look into the crystal ball of the future and see my potential sons being messed around by their lady loves, I would want to erect some sort of powerful electric fence so they could never go there again.

Then again, the only way to let somebody learn from their mistakes is to let them make them in the first place. Rob is a grown adult after all, and no matter how strongly his mother felt, she could not really control his actions or, the stirrings of his crushed heart.

I have always been sympathetic to KStew because she is young and everybody makes mistakes in love, but if I had close ties to Rob my feelings would be much less peaceable!

Do you guys really think that Rob's mom had any input on the end of his relationship with Kristen, or is old gossip just being recycled for gossips sake?

Surely Rob has enough of his own mind to not let his mom's disapproval taint his views?

Let me know what you think below!

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Do you think Clare Pattinson had any influence over Rob and Kristen's breakup?


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