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Karly Rayner

Don't you think I haven't noticed your comments guys! I know that we get a lot of stick here at Moviepilot for our all encompassing love of Jennifer Lawrence, but its not just us!

Check out the hilarious song below that was created as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Oscar nominated American Hustle actress. Whether you decide to love it sincerely, or ironically, there are definitely laughs here for everyone.

Apologies in advance if you are singing this song for weeks, it appears to be a right naughty little earworm.

So, would you still love J-Law if she did a load of porn or terrible foreign cinema? I think I could forgive her if she spoke about it as candidly as she does everything else in interviews!

What are you thoughts on the polarising actress? Do you love to love her, or is her rampant popularity a terrible turn off?

Do tell!

(Source: The Guardian)

(Image: Hunger Times via WENN)


What are your feelings on Jennifer Lawrence?


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