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You know how sometimes you don't realise how badly you wanted something until it is served up right in front of you? This perfectly describes my feelings about Van Damme's newest split to end all splits.

Okay, so it might be CGI, but that doesn't dampen my sense of wonder one tiny bit. I am absolutely terrified of space, but seeing the man with "a pair of legs to defy the laws of physics" drifting in its vast emptiness did nothing but slap a Cheshire cat grin on my chops.

If you aren't chortling by the time the friendly satellites gently guide the doyenne of groin stretches into a zero gravity split, you clearly need a sense of humor transplant. Urgently. Come on guys, theres even Enya!

Don't take my word for it though, take a look at the hilarious video by Linh Mai below:

Do you guys think there's any chance of Van Damme getting his split on in zero gravity? If Kate Upton's boobs can get a piece of the action, I think it's only fair that this action heroe's legendary legs should too.

Can I get an Amen in here?

Share your thoughts, feelings and Van Damme-based dreams below. I'm gagging for some fellow enthusiasts to share my passion with!

Let's remember some other classic Van Damme leg action moments together. Ah, The memories!

(Source: Geeky Rant via Vimeo)

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Should Van Damme really do his splits in zero gravity?


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