Bysean hopkins, writer at
sean hopkins

So it looks like we are going to see Prometheus 2 in November 2015.

For me the first film was more like alien vs predator except it was giants vs humans what can they bring from the second film so far David and Elizabeth will be kept alive.

How they find the engineers again in such a small ship when they had to go sleep for so many years to find them in the first place i don't know its not as if the engineers are going to be next door to the world there on.

hopefully they pull it off and do as they say about taking it further away from alien and not making it a 21st century version of the classic alien films.

Overall the first Prometheus was quite good lets see if they make Prometheus 2 better or will it go down the drain like most prequels are you looking forward to watching Prometheus 2 ?

Will we see the engineers home planet in Prometheus 2?

So will the engineers finally wipe us of earth or will something non human (alien) try to destroy earth and the engineers come and save them who know lets hope its better than the first one


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