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sean hopkins

There is no release date yet but to all the fans for the crow and the actor Luke Evans the might just be a good remake or will it there will be a lot of people who say just leave the film as it is but to be honest i would like to see a remake of the crow wouldn't you? here is what Luke Evans had to say about it.

Evans , "The script is brilliant. [Cliff] Dorfman has been writing it, and we're still tweaking it... What we want to do is tell the story and bring parts of the original source material into the film that was not done the first time around... There's an awful lot, and there's characters that were never put in the first movie. We're trying to keep it as true to the original story as possible, and we have a fantastic team of people on it." He described F. Javier Gutiérrez as "a wonderful, wonderful, sensitive director who cares so much about telling the story rightly and beautifully and sensitively."

Can they really keep the film as original as possible that's the question and if they can then a 21st century crow would be great what do you think about them making a remake of The Crow?


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