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For me 2013 was the best year for movies I have ever witnessed. It had just about everything. Whatever genre you prefer there was a movie to suit: comedy (Anchorman), action (Man of Steel), animation (Frozen), etc. This years Oscars has as high of talent as we're every going to see. Tough competition makes for fun predictions and over-whelming joy if you are correct. Otherwise, better look next year. Here are my predictions for the 2014 Academy Awards which airs this Sunday. Not to be missed.

Best Actor - Leondardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio (as we all know) has never won an Oscar in his illustrious career in front of the camera and The Wolf of Wall Street is up there among his best. DiCaprio captivates us from the word go in this crazy true story based on Jordan Belfort's life. DiCaprio faces as tough as competition as ever with the likes of Chiwetel Ejiofor and the black horse of this race, Matthew McConaughey.

Best Actress - Amy Adams

Amy Adams was one of the many fantastic actors that were in American Hustle and she played her role as the sneaky, smooth and alluring Sydney Prosser. I think she can win this one even with tough competition from Sandra Bullock (Gravity).

Best Supporting Actor - Michael Fassbender

Once again, a category completely tied with amazing talent from all aspects. I do believe Michael Fassbender will win this award despite the buzz around Barkhad Abdi to win for Captain Phillips. It will be a close call but I think Fassbender will pull through.

Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence played a deranged, crazy ex-wife in the bundle of craziness movie, American Hustle. She genuinely had me convinced that she was truly crazy (maybe she is..). I think this award belongs to Lawrence.

Best Original Screenplay - Her

This type of movie, to me, screams winner of an original screenplay. A man falling in love with his operating system is a possibility with technology of today and this movie looks like it will get the award. It will face tough competition from Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle.

Best Picture - Gravity

I may regret this choice as 12 Years A Slave seems the obvious choice but I guess if I'm right, it'll look good. This is a tough category, more so than the others. I think this award really can be won by all nominated but I have a feeling it will be Gravity.

Best Director - Alfonso Cuarón

This is one category I'm sure of. Alfonso's directing is impeccable and he showed that in Gravity. He doesn't make a lot of movies, but every-time he does, its a masterpiece. I'm sure he'll take home this award.


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