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E.L. James brought S&M into the mainstream with her fan fiction based on the Twilight novels. But how will that sexual submission, awkwardness, scandal and, ultimately, romance transfer to Kelly Marcel's Fifty Shades of Grey screenplay on the big screen?

Now that Fifty Shades has finally finished filming, fans eagerly wait for the release of the movie adaptation of E. L. James' mommy-porn novel series. But, it certainly looks like good (and sexy) things are coming our way, as this week Rita Ora teased that the movie will be "passionate" and "amazing".

Now THAT is news that should make Christian Grey fans pretty damn stoked!

Rita Ora has a small role in the movie, playing the role of Christian Grey's sister, Mia Grey. The singer-turned-actress, 23, revealed her excitement over the new film in an interview, revealing that:

The movie is amazing, it's such a great passionate movie.

Of her own part in the ultra-sextastic, almost-porn movie, Rita added:

I had to be involved, I love the books. I know everybody's going to watch it, whether it’s in secret or confidence, but everyone's going to watch it.

We've already has a sneak peek at the movie, everything from a good look at Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele, snippets of the couple on their honeymoon, and some up-close shots of the pre-corrupted Ana, everybody's favourite prude-turned-sex-kitten, looking innocent (they must be saving the Jamie Dornan-related best bits until last...). So, now that director Sam Taylor-Johnson has wrapped filming on the movie, keep an eye out for trailer which - with any luck - will be on its way soon and crammed full of some seriousy steamy new footage. Hubba hubba.

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