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With so many comic related movies hitting the big screen the next few years, there's no surprise that the internet is abuzz with excitement. Spider-man, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers among many others debuting on the big as well as the small screen has every fan-boy giddy with anticipation. So, in the midst of my uncontrollable child like fervor, I've pulled up a list of those characters I am most looking to seeing on the big screen.

(Be looking for my Part 2 of Rumored Characters I most anticipate)

Could Dormammu be far behind?
Could Dormammu be far behind?


I remember the made for television movie back in 1978 with Peter Hooten starring as Dr. Stephen Strange in the live-action TV movie Dr. Strange, which premiered on Sept. 6, 1978. Since then, there have been a long list of directors and script writers reported to have been working on a more modern rendition. Well, FINALLY, it seems we will finally get that new movie in Marvel Phase 3. I'm not a huge fan of Strange, but with all of the special effects advances in the decades since the first movie, I am really looking forward to seeing what they can do!


Although I am a little disappointed that they took ANT MAN aka Dr. Henry Pym out of the ULTRON story, I am still excited to see them bring this iconic Marvel staple into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fact is that the shrinking and growing will have a potential to make this movie in special effects. But I think including both Pym and his thieving successor, Scott Lang, is a genius plot device. I am also looking forward to him being included, hopefully, in the Avengers proper where he belongs.


Ever since his announcement, old school Marvel fans have been ready to see this movie come to fruition. Finally, we get to see the grounds breaking black Marvel heroes from the 70s that broke so many boundaries and set the standard for a racially mixed hero base for years to come. But forget the race issue, Black Panther is just a complete bad ass character that deserves his own movie. An African King who rises to stand side by side with Earth's Mightiest Heroes! I CAN NOT WAIT!

9) LUKE CAGE (and the Hell's kitchen gang)

SWEET CHRISTMAS!! Talk about Iconic Black Superheroes! Hecks, just Iconic superheroes. Luke Cage has been a staple in the Avengers comics since the turn of the millennium. Now, unfortunately, he's not being given the big screen work up, but, none the less, we're getting NOT ONLY this hero for hire, but IRON FIST, JESSICA JONES and DAREDEVIL to boot! They will all be offered on NETFLIX as well as a DEFENDERS movie. I assume this DEFENDERS group will those listed above, but we will see!


Although we got a decent shot at Venom in Spider-man 3 (I know I'm in the minority here), I'm looking forward to the character getting his own movie. This has been promised as a part of the next seven installments of SONY'S Spider-man expanded world. I would like to see a decent Eddie Brock this time maybe with a bit of focus on his anti-hero qualities and a great deal more work on the special effects.


Down the road a bit, I know, but in the aftermath of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST we are promised an Apocalypse movie. To see Marvel's first and most powerful mutant on the big screen is almost too good to be true; especially if we get AGE OF APOCALYPSE!

Oh, Baby!  Here we go!!
Oh, Baby! Here we go!!


The ONLY thing I'm really looking forward to from the FANTASTIC FOUR REBOOT is the villain! Oh, the possibilities! Apparently, according to the working script right now, young Reed Richards is experimenting with the N-Zone AKA The Negative Zone. This is the domain of the ultimate nihilist; Annihilus! On my bucket list of villains to see on the big screen, this is probably one of my top three. Because, with the N-Zone, we not only get this awesome final boss, but we get Blastarr, the Annihilation swarm and a whole other universe of wonder and danger. Maybe we will get to see their 'adventurers of the unknown' side here.

Could not have been done any better!
Could not have been done any better!

5) Falcon and the Winter Soldier

I grouped a few of these together, because I'm equally excited about them and they're in the same movie. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER is gonna kick so much box office ass it isn't even funny. This second installment shows off a couple of characters that people have clamored for. The old school Cap sidekick, Falcon, is decked out in bad-ass black wings and looks awesome on film. The Winter Soldier looks to be a match for Cap! This is the first movie I'm giddy to see!


This is the long shot for Marvel with an odd ensemble cast of stars that most feel would never make it. But just watch the trailers. I think this will be the sleeper hit of the year and maybe even spur that sequel they hinted at.


When it comes to super teams, I am more excited to see the Sinister Six make it to the movies than even the JLA and the Avengers! Seeing the above pic with Electro, the Green Goblin and Rhino (still not sure about that design) gets me revved up for their stand-alone movie. Just all the speculation about the other six has my heart a pumpin' and my head a spinnin'!


With AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON coming next year, these three become maybe the most anticipated character put to film to date. With Pietro and Wanda Maximoff as twins with wondrous powers, the AVENGERS version has great potential to blow anything that Fox's DAYS OF FUTURE PAST brings. But add the moody android, Vision, and the anticipation grows stronger. What is interesting is that these three show up in a second incarnation of the Avengers in the late sixties into the seventies. They also end up being family... I'm not going to explain that. You'll have to wiki that to find out.


The baddest of the bad (next to Doom himself) and so cinematic it's gonna be a fun ride. Because, with Ultron you don't just have one villain, but a whole army of foes. Think Judgement day from TERMINATOR and the attack of the machines. Yeah, just like that. With an obvious transition to Jarvis, the AI character we all know and love to the ruthless, vengeful, human killing Ultron will be a fun bit of work for the script writers. But I can see it happening and will LOVE every minute of it!

Be looking for PART 2: Rumored characters I most anticipate, real soon!

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