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Who is the real Mandarin everyone wants to know and is he after Tony Stark i believe i have the answers so here we go.

The Mandarin is one of Iron Man's greatest foes and in [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) we did not get the Mandarin we exactly wanted now if you watched the marvel one shot all hail the king we learn that there is in fact a real Mandarin and he does not appreciate what Trevor has done to his once great and mighty name also it is revealed that the Mandarin has been around for quit a while and does have his 10 rings. So the big question what does this have to do with Tony and what does it have to do with the MCU well we all know that the infinity stones have been introduced and that they are scattered all over the place so how does the Mandarin fit into the going story line well his rings are actually the stone of power broken in 10 pieces and put into rings. Now how does he have a relationship with Tony well back in the 1940s when Howard Stark was looking for Steve, him and the Mandarin or whatever his true name shall be were looking for the Tessaract as well as we saw in the first Captain America but that is not the only thing they found but another artifact the stone of power, The Mandarin thought of it as a weapon they could use to destroy there enemies but Howard wanted to use it for more scientific reasons The Mandarin disagrees and takes the stone from Howard which starts a feud between the both of them now many years later Tony is captured by The Mandarin or his men and is held captive Tony creates the first Iron Man and destroys one of The Mandarins bases. That is my theory now in the comment section below tell me what you think is up with the real Mandarin and does he hate Tony.


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