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First, a few words about Underworld Awakening:

I can’t remember expecting any film so anxiously as this one. I’d been overjoyed ever since I heard that a new one was coming and Kate was returning as the Vampire Goddess Selene. And during the days before its release, I was like— Day by day, I thought about it, watching the previous Underworld films and the new one’s trailers countless times, and at night I couldn’t sleep, thinking of the greatness that was yet to come.

Then I saw it and got carried away. It was beyond words. As a fan of the franchise, I felt like I was the happiest person on earth!

I can’t remember loving any film so much as this one, either. Couldn’t help watching this new film over and over again, and each time was filled with joy and excitement.

This is definitely my favorite series when it comes to vampires and lycans. And I’m expecting more Underworld films to come in the future.

The story of the series lasts for over a millenium, so there’s really a lot more to explore, especially for the prequels.

How about giving us more about the Corvinus clan, the beginning of the vampires and werewolves? Tell us more about Alexander, Markus, William…with the title “Underworld: Origin”, maybe?

And let us see more history about Selene—the time when she got turned into a vampire, given the strength to avenge her family against the lycans, hunting down and killing them off for nearly 6 centuries. That would be a great story to tell!

How about telling more stories of Lucian, showing his experience after the event of “Rise of the Lycans”?

And, give us more about Amelia! The only FEMALE VAMPIRE ELDER portrayed by Zita Gorog is pretty awesome, yet we know so little about her. Prequels could have the chance to bring her back!

More Underworld, more greatness!


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