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If you read my previous post then you know that I gave my reasons why Arrow should connect with the DC cinematic universe. Based on the title of this article it sounds as if I'm switching sides, I assure you I am not. However, I did have a conversation with a friend of mine about the topic. He convinced me that it would be unfair for DC to assume that their fans would be willing to watch both the live-action shows and the movies. Arrow is a successful show but it brings around 2 - 3 million views each episode, and that number can't hold a candle to the number of people who watched Man of Steel (movie wasn't even that good). Having been recently enlightened, I've decided to give my theory on how Arrow could (and probably already is) connecting with the DC cinematic universe, but does not have to be part of the Justice League. Here we go:

Arrow could be the jumping off point for a Justice League of America Movie

Arrow has already laid much of the groundwork for a Justice League of America movie. The introduction of Amanda Waller (director of A.R.G.U.S) and the formation of the Suicide Squad in an upcoming episode. Fans of the New 52 will also know that Amanda Waller also had a hand in the formation of the Justice League of America (with help from Steve Trevor). The initial purpose of the formation of the Justice League of America was to take down the Justice League should they ever go rogue. Each one of its members has the capability of stopping a specific member of the Justice League.

You could swap Green Arrow for Catwoman, but you get the idea. Arrow may not have any of these characters on its show, but the character of the Vibe will be included in the Arrow spin-off The Flash. He will be played by Carlos Valdes.

With the inclusion of Vibe on the Flash TV show, this could mean that CW and Warner Brothers could be setting themselves up for a Justice League of America movie. More of the characters included in the Justice League of America would have to be introduced in shows, more likely the ones with powers (Martian Manhunter, Star Girl etc.) will be in the Flash TV show. The superheroes without superpowers (Katana, Catwoman etc.) could be introduced in Arrow.

To reiterate what my friend stated earlier, it would be unfair to assume that casual DC fans would be willing to watch both the movies and the show connected to the movies. To solve that problem I offer a solution; Arrow will be almost over by the time a Justice League movie comes out!

Now before people start coming after me with bows and arrows, let's look at this from a long term viewpoint. It is 2014 now and the Man of Steel squeal does not come out until 2016, approx. 2 years later. Arrow will be at it's 4th season if still on the air. The creators have stated that they have plans for the show to go on for at least 5 years, so that would leave one more season after the MOS sequel.Let's say that a Justice League movie comes out in 2017. In that final season, the show could start to introduce characters from the cinematic universe showing that the TV shows and Movies are connected.

The finale of the show could have Amanda Waller talking to Diggle or Steve Trevor about how dangerous the Justice League could be if they ever decide to turn against the world. From there she could suggest that forming a League of their own to combat the Justice League should that day ever happen. Leading into a Justice League of America movie coming out shortly after the Justice League movie (~2018). But we're stopping there...

Justice League Dark

There has been some talk of a Justice League Dark movie to be in the works and is set to be directed by Guillermo del Toro. With that in mind I see no reason not to connect that movie with the Justice League and Justice League of America movies. Would anyone else love to see a movie series displaying events inspired by the Trinity War?

This would be pretty awesome to see play out on the big screen!

To recap, this is how I feel the DC movies and shows should play out:

2013 - 2014

Man of Steel (Movie)

Arrow (Show Season 2)

2014 - 2015

Arrow (Show Season 3)

Flash (Show Season 1)

Constantine (Show Season 1)

2015 - 2016

Man of Steel (Movie sequel)

Arrow (Show Season 4)

Flash (Show season 2)

Constantine (Show Season 2)

2016 - 2017

Flash (Movie spin off from TV show)

Arrow (Show Season 5)

Flash (Show Season 3)

Constantine (Show Season 3)

2017 - 2018

Wonder Woman (Movie)

Justice League (Movie)

Justice League Dark (Movie)

2018 - 2019

Justice League of America (Movie)

Batman (Movie)

Man of Steel (3rd installment)

2019 - 2020

Justice League Dark (Trinity War Movie Part 1)

Justice League of America (Trinity War Movie Part 2)

Justice League (Trinity War Movie Part 3)

Justice League Finale (Movie)


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