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So here we are, a little over three months away from the new GODZILLA movie and we've finally gotten a great look at the mighty kaiju. This cover from the April issue of EMPIRE magazine has given us the clearest look yet of the King of the Monsters and it is stunning!! It's hard to believe that it's been 16 years since Sony's version of Godzilla and we all know how that turned out. Look I'm a huge fan of the BIg G since I was a little boy. I used to sit glued to the set every Thanksgiving holiday watching the monster marathons that WWOR or WOR-TV channel 9 would run on Thursday and Friday.

These WOR-TV Thanksgiving programs started on Thanksgiving Day 1976. On this occasion, Channel 9 broadcast...Mighty Joe Young (at 1:00 pm), King Kong vs. Godzilla (at 3:00 pm), and Son of Kong (at 5:00 pm). The ratings of the 1976 Thanksgiving marathon were good enough for WOR-TV to include the day after Thanksgiving into the monster movie line up.

Over the next few years the same movies were aired on Thanksgiving Day, but the movies that were broadcast the day after were changed. Several times the movies Godzilla vs The Cosmic Monster, Son of Godzilla, Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster and Godzilla vs. Megalon were aired on the day after Thanksgiving. Shortly after the 1985 program, WOR-TV lost the broadcast rights to the RKO library and Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, and Son of Kong could no longer be broadcast.

This was my first exposure to the Big G and I've been forever hooked. Not only have I collected the film series in almost every format that it was available (I still have a few on import laserdisc), I also collected the figures.

The anticipation I have for this new iteration of the character is very high since it seems to be in the hands of a true fan of the genre. Director GARETH EDWARDS made the fantastic film MONSTERS back in 2010. Once you see that film you totally understand why Warner Bros. and Legendary chose him to direct the return of one of the most iconic monsters that has been brought to screen.

With the current marketing of the film kicking into high gear it's becoming clear we will be having a kaiju slugfest going on which begs the question what are the MUTOS? Apparently these are the category or description that the creatures Godzilla will be fighting are called. So far from reviewing the leaked info it is almost certain there will be two. So now I say to you my fans of the series, if you had to put a list together from Worst to Best of Godzilla's greatest foes who would they be? Let's just pick a Top Ten and see what kind of conversation we can get going here.

Here are my choices:

10) Megaguirus

9) Ogra

8) Ebirah

7) Space-Godzilla

6) Gabara

5) King Kong

4) Rodan

3) Mechagodzilla '75

2) Mothra

1) Mecha-King Ghidorah


So do you guys agree? If not, let me know what your choices would be!


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