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There is a report out of Latino Review claiming that Lana and Andy Wachowski are making legitimate forward progress on a new motion picture trilogy in the Matrix franchise.

Warner Bros., the studio behind the original film trilogy, is allegedly considering the story outlines being pitched by the Wachowski siblings. I just wonder if there is still an audience for such a project (same concern goes for the Sin City sequel that is finally coming this year). Bear in mind that the last film, The Matrix Revolutions, was released in 2003.

Off the top of my head, there have been at least two video games, three movies, one collection of anime short films, and a web comic set in the world introduced to us by The Matrix. It's no phenomenon on the level of Star Wars, but the series has got to be more worth revisiting than the likes of... let's say Brendan Fraser's Mummy trilogy (I actually really like the first two, but yeah The Mummy is being rebooted again).

The Matrix Revolutions. Yuck.
The Matrix Revolutions. Yuck.

I still love the first Matrix movie. The second and third are on my shelf, but undeservedly so. Actually,The Matrix remains my favorite movie of all time (nostalgia trumps everything else), which makes me despise Reloaded and Revolutions even more. Yet despite those consecutive failures after only a single success, I'm sure I'd be buying a ticket to a fourth Matrix entry on opening weekend. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't expect it to be a quality flick... but I'm definitely interested in the spectacle.

If there is any fact behind this rumor, where do you stand? Is it best we don't take any more red or blue pills, or would you like to revisit that universe on the big screen? If you're in the latter camp, I'm genuinely interested - where in the timeline do you hope they explore?


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