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First of all, we start with DAYS OF FUTURE PAST story line printed in X-men #141-142.. This was a truly MONUMENTAL event in Marvel history, let alone Xmen/Mutant history. The story centers around a group of survivors in the future; a future in which mutants are not just feared, but hunted and caged in camps. We find a world on its head with Magneto in charge of the remaining free mutants and mutant hunting sentinels running the streets. They plan one last run to try and fix an awful event from turning their hopeful world into this nightmare. So, Kitty Pride’s consciousness is sent back to the past to inhabit her younger body to warn the X-men. She does and goes with the X-men to stop the Brotherhood from killing Senator Kelly and beginning a backlash of mutant fear and hatred and, therefore, their repression by the government.

This is the premise of the upcoming movie will run along the same lines but, instead of Kitty Pride, Wolverine is sent to the past, I assume, to inhabit HIS younger body and stop an unknown even from happening and saving Mutant kind from this terrible end. Most of it seems to center around the fact that Xavier has given up on the dream and his older version (actually alive in the movie future) seems intent on turning him around. Whatever event they must stop, Magneto and Mystique seem involved. All of this is supposed to lead us to the next movie deemed APOCALYPSE.

This is where it gets sticky. This was ANOTHER monumental story that changed the face of how we looked at the possible futures awaiting mutant kind when a powerful mutant named appropriately, APOCALYPSE, takes over when Xavier is taken out the picture by a time traveling mishap. Ok, do you see what I see? To merge these two stories together, certain events have to take place. First, the objective of the movie is to stop the Brotherhood of Mutants from doing something all Mutants will regret, literally. I think they will succeed and there will be much rejoicing. HOWEVER, to make the segue to the next story, Xavier must die. For, in the AGE OF APOCALYPSE story line, a time traveler stepped back in time to kill Magneto and, instead, accidently offed Professor X instead. This set things in motion to change history and leave a vacuum that Apocalypse was more than ready to fill. So, in the wake of this triumph of saving the future, something tragic happens and I think that something tragic is the Death of Charles Xavier.

This will change history anyway and push us into the Age of Apocalypse! Thus, the thrust of the second movie and reaching into the third movie is to fix the mistake made and save Professor X somehow; time travel again, no doubt.

But, in the process, we get to see different versions of the mutants we know and love in a world ruled by Apocalypse. This opens up a whole catalog of characters to play with and even creating some new ones. I mean, here’s a good reason to bring back Jean and Scott in a cool way, right. On top of that, it might explain the pics of young Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch we've been seeing. We may find that it was a set up to show an all grown up family reuniting with Magneto for X-men: Apocalypse. On top of that, we might actually get to see Mr. Sinister in the flesh, so to speak. If you want to explore the possibilities, go check out the series different issues; it will blow your mind.

I would say that the second movie will deal with Apocalypse and his horsemen. Fox can really cash in big with a great, fleshed out Four Horsemen to either rule the world or conquer it. So we either get a reality blowing event caused by the accidental death of Xavier or, with Xavier out the way, Apocalypse makes his move. Either way, it spells greatness. I will, in the next few weeks, be rereading the AGE OF APOCALYPSE stories from my collection to cull and tidbits that will come our way when the movie hits and the rumors and news of the other movies begin. Hang with me as we go old school on the new school rendition of X-Men DAYS OF FUTURE PAST To be continued….

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