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I have noticed that ever since I wrote my first Article on the new FF movie's casting auditions back in Mid-December of last year that a lot of people have been saying things like "They are too young to play ___", or "They are going to ruin the franchise if so and so is in it", and so on. Well, after reading up on the actors ages, reading some other writers stories on the film, and keeping in mind that there are several universes from which the scriptwriters can pull and blend stories I have come to the conclusion that they are actually being very clever going with the approach they are for the FF reboot. Let me explain:

As we all know about the best thing going for the first two FF movies was the fact that Chris Evans was able to show his acting ability to the point that he is now known throughout the world as Captain America. So if you were the studio execs would you want to try and repeat a formula that had already failed twice or go in a different direction? I would go in a different direction myself. which is what I believe they are doing. Instead of returning to the Mainstream FF world, It appears to me that they are going with the Ultimate FF or a combination of the two worlds.

Here are a few of the differences in the two Universes:

1. In the Mainstream Universe they receive their powers by going into space and having an accident on re-entry, but in the Ultimate Universe they get their powers by teleporting from one spot on earth to another one through another Dimension.

2. In the Mainstream Universe Ben and Reed are College roommates, but in the Ultimate Universe they are high school friends before reed is sent off to a special school.

3. In the Mainstream Universe Reed and Sue are engaged, but in the Ultimate Universe they are just classmates.

4. In the Mainstream Universe Reed buys/rents four freedoms plaza and renames it the Baxter Building, but in the Ultimate Universe the school Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Dr. Doom attend is in the Baxter Building.

5. Dr. Doom's given name in the Mainstream Universe is Victor Von Doom, but in the Ultimate Universe it is Victor Van Damme.

\So, as you can see, even though there are a lot of similarities between the two iterations of the Fantastic Four, there are also a lot of differences that can be explored and expounded upon in the new movies if they are indeed going in that direction.

Is it possible that they are going with the Ultimate Fantastic Four instead of the better known Mainstream Version? Which would you rather see? As always comment below and follow me on [email protected] if you like or on facebook at the entertainment writer.


Which FF would you rather see?


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