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WALKING DEAD SPOILERS: As a fan of both The Walking Dead's Comic and TV show I often find myself wondering who will be cast as my favorite characters. With the Governor out of the picture permanently and the group scattered on their path to Alexandria, the question arises "Who will play Negan?".

If you haven't read the comic and really don't care about spoilers Negan is the leader of "The Saviors". The Saviors offer a neat little service where if you give them half your resources they don't kill you. Negan, their leader is an unpredictable sadistic psycho who thinks nothing of bashing in your favorite characters heads with his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat he named "Lucille". He says "fuck" way too much for AMC and melts his disobedient thugs faces with a hot iron. In short, he makes The Governor look like Danny Tanner from Full House.

Who you might ask could fill these shoes? My top choice is Ray Stevenson.

You may recognize him from the above picture in The Punisher:War Zone or from Dexter, Thor, Rome or GI Joe: Retaliation. There is no denying his acting abilities and general badassery. He would bring a lot to the table as Negan and he does possess a decent likeness to the comic book character. The only question is just how depraved and sadistic will AMC let him be on national television.

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