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Robert Myrick

Ever since the news broke about Peter Capaldi being the next doctor the rumor mill about the next series has run rampant. and I also agree having to wait until august for our next episode is killer, but hey maybe that means we will get a better series out of it. and that brings me to the whole reason for writing this article.

We in the Whovian Universe have decided that the next doctor will be going in search of gallifrey, based on clues we have all seen this is apparently where the show is headed. and even though I am also of this school of thought. it brings up a major Question, in my mind anyway... Even if they Find Gallifrey, how the Hell are they going to free it from the in a pocket universe, its not as if gallifrey is in a painting, its in a whole different universe frozen in a single moment in time. also it took 13 "The Doctors" and their Tardis's to sunder Said planet, into said pocket universe. no mention of which universe, or at what point in that Universe's time line it is in... not to mention the calculations alone took hundreds of years hundreds and hundreds of years. you could say hes been working on it all his life...

Now that you have seen my question, let me pose to you a possible answer.. but before I do let me remind you "The Doctor" still possesses the moment... that being said you are all going to think me crazy here, but I think he could use The Moment to blow Gallifrey back into our space-time and Universe... there are other ramifications to factor in as well.... Travel between Universes or dimensions is not possible anymore, sure back when the time lords were around you could pop to the next one over for tea and be back before u know it. the plus side of this is that if he does indeed free Gallifrey, the show will be able to expand exponentially, as travel between dimensions and other universes will be "easy"... but it also brings up potential plot holes as well, if he indeed saves Gallifrey from the altiverse, potentially that will mean Saxon a.k a The Master didn't come back to life yada yada yada creates big temporal paradox.... matter of Fact if you think about it.. right now with that 1 act Moffett has Erased Everything every doctor has done since The War Doctor..... Fact #1 gallifrey was never destroyed, the Dalak fleet and Emperor never hid in dark space, was never destroyed by The Bad Wolf. Fact #2. Gallifrey was never destroyed the Dalaks Never Used the Infinity Ark no War between the Dalaks and Cybermen in our time...... Fact #3 this is the one that is going to really mess you up. if Gallifrey was never destroyed the Time Lords never sent the drum beat back in time into the masters head. Poof no more evil master.... because it never happened. those Plot holes are easy to cover up... gallifrey is trapped in a single moment of time making rassalon want to escape. but that opens another plot hole in the form of they are frozen in a single moment of time.. Ok you got me i cant explain it all Moffett has alot to fix. after all he is the one who broke it. now I think having another school teacher join as a companion is a step in the right direction, a going back to the roots of the show. a component i think the show has been severely lacking. Do I think we are going to Find Gallifrey????? I sure as hell Hope So the Show was more fun when we had to worry about the time lords as well as the bad guys. and I have high hopes for Capaldi, I hope he is an excellent Doctor and has a long Reign. I find myself wondering what his tardis will look like, will it have a round console, or will it be geometrically shaped like some of the other doctors, what will his screw driver look like? it would be awesome if it was purple in color. well what do you think dear readers? is this an interesting Hypothesis, or just a bunch of crazy talk? sound off in the Comment Section Below


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