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My list of female superheroes that should have a standalone film.

In my list below I will show their names, images and links to their bios, under some names I'll mention a sentence or two about the hero.

Storm ( Ororo Munroe)

We should all know by now why Storm deserves a stand alone movie! I think she's one of the most powerful mutants on the team/Marvel and she has a story line that needs to be explored in my opinion.

(Learn more about Storm)

The Question (Renee Montoya)

A female detective that is one serious badass! Every time I watch Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, I wonder "Why didn't he pick the Question instead?" Because if he wanted a "realistic" take on the great detective in DC Comics why not choose Question?! Batman in my opinion may not have "super powers" but he's well over the ordinary human being to be reduced to a "realistic" film. A Question film would be gritty, intense, suspenseful, a perfect masterpiece if done right.

(Learn more about The Question)

Echo also known as Ronin (Maya Lopez a deaf superhero)

Maya Lopez has the star power to be a box-office hit! She's such a unique character, if the right writer comes along to pick up this hero it can be great!

(Learn more about Echo)

Crimson Avenger (Carlyle)

Think a combination of The Punisher and Specter... Crimson Avenger would be that! A movie that contains a combination of action with fantasy! Did I mention that Crimson Avenger has two guns that have endless amount of ammunition that's capable of penetrating Power Girl's skin!

(Learn more about Crimson Avenger)

Jubilee (Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee)

Jubilee is such a funny, cute, loving-badass! She truly deserves her own TV show, I think what really drew me in closer to the character was actually her outfit. She would always wear these funky 90's hip-hop clothes, while being covered from head to toe not looking like a stripper, not only that but her powers are epic!

According to Emma Frost, Jubilee was one of the most powerful mutants she had ever encountered, but noted that her fear of harming others kept her from using those powers to their full potential...

(Learn more about Jubilee)

Miss America (Miss A. Chávez)

I would really love to explore the character more if they make a Young Avengers TV series. Miss America has so much potential as a hero with her spunky, outgoing, independent personality. It would certainly be a difference to see another hero under the American mantle (Captain America).

Miss América Chávez possesses an array of super powers, some of which seem unrevealed. She does possess the ability to fly, teleport and travel inter-dimensionally. The latter require her to kick a star surface of her creation. She also possesses a great amount of super strength and super durability. Strength rumored to be able to kick a person off planet, but enough at least to tear apart and throw large solidified steel doors, and also enough to stomp on grounds so hard as to cause mini quakes that can throw off the balance of others.

(Learn more about Miss America)

Mantra (Warrior-Mage Lukasz was reincarnated as a woman: Mantra)

Um, yeah, you read the title correctly.. Mantra is technically a dude in a woman's body, but bare with me! Even though Mantra had images and situations that came off a bit sexist you have to admit this would make an interesting movie if taken seriously. I'm planning to read the comics again and don't give me that look Moviepilot! Give Mantra a chance.

Now trapped in the body of Eden Blake, Lukasz must master the new magic inherent in this form. She can also gain mystical armor and her Sword of Fangs by saying, "Mantra Change, Growth, Power". Mantra would become her Ultraheroine name.
(Learn more about Mantra)

Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel/ Lady of Light)

Another badass on the list that deserves a lot more love and appreciation from comic book fans. The reason I really like Monica as a hero are her powers -

Monica has the ability to change into any form of light/energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. She can turn into photons, electricity, microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, etc. She can travel at various speeds, depending on the type of energy she converts into, including the speed of light.

Monica made her debut back in 1982 (The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16)

(Learn more about Monica Rambeau)

Daughters of the Dragon (Misty Knight & Colleen Wing)

These women are awesome! I would love to see a TV series on HBO about them and possibly a movie. It's very unfortunate that we don't hear much about these ladies from Marvel because there's a lot of opportunities waiting for Daughters of the Dragon. Marvel has been waiting for a female character to use for a movie or something that will make a large impact! I think these ladies are the solution. They are both females, both ethnically diverse and a cool story line! Daughters of the Dragon was created back in the 70's so there's no wonder why they have similarities to Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly.

After Misty Knight and Colleen Wing became friends, the two created a private investigator firm named Knightwing Restorations, Ltd. The two were dubbed "The Daughters of the Dragon" due to their abilities of martial arts.

(Learn more about Misty Knight) (Learn more about Colleen Wing) (Learn more about Daughters of the Dragon)

Ghost (Elisa Cameron)

Elisa Cameron aka Ghost is a spirit that's out for payback and she demands a movie while we're at it! I think Ghost would make a great gritty-noir-gothic style movie something similar to Sin City but better with the right writers and director.

Ghost got her powers unknowingly as the result of a genetic nano-virus that was released in the 1940 when the God Machine exploded in the Vortex. Her younger sister Margo also received powers from this nano-virus. Margo has the power to manifest wraith-like servants.
Ghost has the power to transport from one place to another instantaneously called a ghost jump.
There are limits to this ability. First when she jumps she has to have an intimate knowledge of where she is jumping to. She can not jump to a place she doesn't know well or has never been. The second limit to this ability is based on who she jumps. When Ghost jumps she is entering another dimension and then leaving that dimension to the place where she wants to go. The dimension is a dangerous place as her personal demon Cameron Nemo dwells there. Also no matter how long she stays in the dimension time does not move for her on the regular plane. So even if she spends months in the dimension she will still appear instantaneously after she left when she reenters the regular dimension.

(Learn more about Ghost)

Artwork by Sara Richard
Artwork by Sara Richard

Dagger (Cloak & Dagger)

This isn't exactly a duo female team, but I had to put both Cloak and Dagger on the list because they make such a great team! Both of them are very underrated so that's why both male and female get to be on the list. Dagger is a badass like her lover/best friend Cloak. Dagger has the abilities to create psionic light daggers that can travel wherever she wills them, the daggers can drain the living being's life-force when struck. Light daggers have the capacity to cure certain persons of drug addictions, and can alleviate Cloak's hunger for light! I would love to see a Cloak and Dagger TV series, make this happen Marvel!

They used their new found powers together to defeat their enemies. Cloak disorients them using his control of the dark dimension and Dagger finishes the job with her daggers of light.
(Learn more about Dagger) (Learn more about Cloak)

In the comments section below, let me know what other female superheroes you think are underrated. Thanks for reading!

(Sources: ComicArtFans, Marvel and Comic Vine)


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