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I'm a writer, film director, and movie nerd working on a film project called "Out of the Trees".
Dylan Tuccillo

When I was a kid, I read about superheros and fantasy characters. I remember being really bummed out that all that cool crap was stuck inside books and movies. It had nothing to do with reality. I'd never actually fly through the air or shoot energy balls.

Flash-forward to a few years ago, when my friends began to teach me how to lucid dream. You can fly, summon people and creatures, shoot all the hadoukens you want, they said. I was skeptical to say the least. I imagined doing all that stuff, but in some kind of dreamy haziness where I didn't actually have control over my body or the elements in the dream.

But finally, after weeks of practicing the techniques--bamo! I was inside my dreams, and it felt just as real as this reality does. I immediately starting floating to the ceiling. In ensuing lucid dreams, I flew over London, performed telekinesis and had long conversations with dream characters.

All these experiences lead my friends and I to write how-to book called A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming, so we could teach all those millions out there who've never had a lucid dream. Books about the topic already existed, but we wanted to write something for the beginner and for folks in our millennial generation. This experience is just too amazing to not share. We also made a few videos (above) to show peeps what it feels like to be in a lucid dream.

Has anyone had any experiences with lucid dreaming? Have your lucid dreams or regular dreams been influenced by any movies or books?


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