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I’ll probably look back at this in a year and laugh, but with the Oscars coming up, why not take a look at 2014’s probable nominees.

The Lego Movie (February 7)

Probably a lock for Best Animated Film, unless Big Hero 6, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Rio 2 or Mr. Peabody somehow top Lego.

If I Stay (August 22)

If you haven’t read Gayle Forman’s novel about a young girl’s out-of-body experience after a car crash (and its sequel, Where She Went), then you need to check it out before the movie premieres August 22. Knowing the source material as well as Chloe Moretz’s acting skills, she could certainly deserve a Best Actress nomination. The Academy doesn’t usually go for YA films, though, so it’s a long shot. It opens the same weekend as Short Term 12 did last year, if that counts for any good luck in quality.

Gone Girl (October 3)

If The Academy can overlook the fact that Tyler Perry is in this movie, Gillian Flynn’s popular novel could get many nominations, from Best Actor for Ben Affleck to Best Director for David Fincher (in what would be his third nomination in 10 years) to Best Picture. Releasing October 3, Gone Girl will be Flynn’s second adaption to premiere in a month, with Dark Places coming out September 5.

The Judge (October 10)

Robert Downey Jr.’s dram-edy about a lawyer who goes back to his hometown to defend his Judge father accused of murder comes out October 10, right at the beginning of Oscar season. Downey should get his first nomination since Tropic Thunder in 2009, and the film could get a Best Picture nomination.

Interstellar (November 7)

Christopher Nolan’s first post-Batman film should clean up at the Oscars next year. The space/wormhole sci-fi/drama will likely get nominations for acting, directing, writing, visual effects, as well as Best Picture. Look for Matthew McConaughey to get his second Best Actor nom in as many years, with Oscar potential from the entire rest of the cast as well, with Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine (in a Nolan film? Shocking, I know!) and Casey Affleck not even filling up the rest of this film’s impressive roster.

Fury (November 14)

This may have a different name, but on IMDb right now, its Fury. The David Ayer/Brad Pitt WWII film follows a tank crew across Nazi Germany in April 1945. Also starring Logan Lerman, expect this to receive plenty of nominations next January, assuming it gets better reviews than the extremely underrated Monuments Men.

Exodus (December 12)

The Christian Bale starring biblical epic from Ridley Scott could get some nominations, if nothing else than for visual effects. At least the plagues should be cool, right? If not, then the best reason to see this film is simply to see Aaron Paul play Joshua (Hey Bitch, let my people go!).

The Hobbit: There and Back Again (December 17)

After average reviews for the first two Hobbit films, the final installment should brilliantly conclude the series while leading into the Lord Of the Rings trilogy. Hopefully we will see LOTR style Academy recognition that The Hobbit deserves, with noms for Picture, Director, and Effects.

Annie (December 19)

This remake stars Quvenzhané Wallis (okay, yes, I had to copy/paste that) and Jamie Foxx, both previous Oscar nominees, so this film could actually be fantastic.

Into the Woods (December 25)

Another musical, this one starring Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, and plenty more.This will be the big family release on Christmas Day, and has the potential to get a number of Oscar nominations.

Unbroken (December 25)

The WWII film from the other half of Hollywood’s most famous couple (and no, it not Kimye), Angelina Jolie directs this film about an Olympic runner held for years in a Japanese POW camp. Unbroken could steal the awards season thunder from Interstellar, and if its as good as it looks, it could end up taking the Oscars in nearly every category. The first trailer premiered last week during the Olympics, be sure to check it out here.

Serena (TBA, 2014)

Two words: Jennifer. Lawrence. You shouldn’t need any more reason to see this film, whenever it comes out, but I’ll humor you anyways. The story takes place in Depression era NC, and follows Lawrence as Serena Pemberton, newly married to George. Their relationship becomes complicated when it is found out that Serena is unable to have children. Oh, and George Pemberton is played by Bradley Cooper. Yes, another film with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, the most powerful acting duo right now. I strongly suspect that next year we will see the third consecutive year that Cooper and Lawrence receive acting nominations.

Oh, and as for the 2015 Razzies, expect Adam Sandler to dominate as usual, with two new “comedies” on the 2014 slate.

So what did I miss? What films do you all think will take home the awards next year? Let me know in comments.


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