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Welcome X-Men fans one and all. This is something I have wanted to get out there for awhile now, and seeing that there is a new X-Men movie coming to theatres come May of this year. I believe that this should be brought out into the open. So without further a do...

Why isn't Jubilee in the upcoming X-Men movie or any in the foreseeing future?!

Dont get me wrong they considered her, but ultimately cut her out of the final film...3 times! Again i bring up the fact that she was one of the first members of the original X-Men in the classic 90's television series.

I will agree with you on the point that yes she wasn't exactly one of the most important characters in the Days Of Futures Past episodes but seeing that she is a founding member of the team I believe she deserves a little recognition. Right?

Anyhow I believe that they can make her an eccential part of the cast like the character herself deserves! What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below! !


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