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With Guardians of the Galaxy coming in August, a LOT of attention has been turned to a certain gun-totting Raccoon named Rocket. What is forgotten in the shuffle is that Bill Mantlo, writer and artist for Marvel for so many years, was partially responsible for getting the little guy to where he is now. Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that, back in 1992, Bill was struck by a hit and run driver and was left with a tragic brain injury. He lost his ability to write about 1995 along with his talent for penning awesome comics and covers. Now he is in a nursing home struggling with everyday life.

Now, I'm not doing this for attention or for personally interest. I just read his story and was struck with the need to get the word out. I'm not alone, thank God.

Bill wrote while Michael Golden did the art
Bill wrote while Michael Golden did the art

Bill was famous for several great runs with Marvel. The first comics I remember noticing his name on was ROM, SPACE KNIGHT. It was one of Marvel's ventures into toy/comic promotion. He also worked on another; MICRONAUTS. Both were two of my favorites at the time and still rank up there with storys I'd most like to see brought back or put to the big screen.

Rocket Raccoon started as a side character in the Hulk comic (#271) in 1982 and 'rocketed' to get his own four issue mini-series in 1985. To date, that is one of my personal treasures and I will NOT part with it!

There are so many comics that were touched with Bill's style and imagination. I feel it is our responsibility to show the man some love. Want more info? Google his name. It's all over the internet. Like I said, I'm not alone. Hopefully, neither is Bill Mantlo.

God bless...

We will be celebrating Bill's work during the month of March over at JACKEDUP TALES. Who knows...a rant may be forthcoming...



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