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Robert Pattinson has been spotted feeling a little chilly in the Canadian snow - and even wearing earmuffs to keep himself warm.

The Twilight star is currently filming the movie Life in Toronto, Canada and maybe for his next film he will decide to head to warmer climes.

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The movie sees the 27-year-old as a photographer for Life magazine who is assigned to shoot pictures of James Dean (who will be played by Dane Dehaan). The pictures taken by Pattinson's character would go on to become some of the most iconic of all time, and helped to transform Dean into the Hollywood icon he became.

Pattinson, who has previously been seen smoking on the set and wrangling cattle, was seen also clutching a cup of coffee in an effort to warm up.

So is this film something you're looking forward to? And what do you think Pattinson should do to keep warm? Cut out the cigarettes? Long-johns?

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What should Robert Pattinson do to keep warm in snowy Canada?


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