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Batman: Hush ran from 2002-2003 and was a great hit among fans of the Dark Knight. It saw a sinister, masked and bandaged figure appear bearing a grudge against the Wayne family - an enemy that Batman had to team up with Superman, among others, to defeat.

Well it seems that Batman fans might be able to get another glimpse of that world sooner than they think. On the Batman: Hush Facebook page this image was posted:

Hush in Batman: Arkham City
Hush in Batman: Arkham City

And with it, there was a caption that read: "Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be abut (sic) to get more interesting next month..."

Surely this can only mean that Hush is set to appear in another Batman game - and that it will be announced next month. After all, in April of 2011 Warner Bros. Enterainment registered the domain names,, and

Hush, whose alias is Thomas Elliot, did show up in Batman: Arkham City and there have for some time been rumors that the next Batman Arkham game would sort of be Justice League, which would fit in with the fact that Superman shows up.

So is this the new Batman: Arkham game that you have been waiting to see? Did you read the Batman: Hush comics? And with them about to meet on the big screen - do you want to see Batman and Superman unite in this upcoming video game?

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