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In the Year 2022 the United States of America holds a yearly tradition called the Purge: 12 hours during which all police and emergency services are suspended and theft, rape and murder are allowed.

That was the plot for the first Purge movie from James DeMonaco - and it doesn't look like this new one will be very different. While an official synopsis is yet to be released, the trailer for The Purge: Anarchy shows a happy young couple suddenly running out of gas - at the worst of all possible times. Surprise, surprise, it's the night of The Purge.

Carnage breaks loose as men with masks enact a sinister government's desire to have the poor kill off the undesirable elements of society among themselves - with one young couple stuck all night amid the mayhem.

And that night has now been moved back from June 20, 2014 to July 18, 2014 - which means it will now do battle with the upcoming sci-fi movie from the Wachowski brother's Jupiter Ascending.

So will you be joining in with The Purge? And what would you do if you were given one night where all laws were relaxed? Write in below with your thoughts and opinions.


What would you do if you were trapped outside on the night of The Purge?


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