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Disney's animated film Frozen was nominated for two awards last night, and came home with both of them. Not only did the family-fun movie win Best Animation, but it also won Original Song for Queen Elsa's power ballad "Let It Go."

For those who have yet to see the latest in Disney's "Princess" films, Frozen is about a young Queen with a hidden power of freezing she keeps secret from her kingdom by locking herself in her castle with her younger sister Anna. But on her coronation day Elsa shows the world her magic, and runs off to hide, forcing Anna to come find her with the help of an ice picker, a reindeer, and an enchanted snowman. Things happen. Wonderful things like the song that won "Let It Go" As Elsa builds her icy home. Funny things like the song "Fixer Upper" where trolls try and through Kristoff and Anna together. Surprising things like Anna not being allowed to marry Prince Hans after one love song. All in all Frozen was an incredible movie that had all the audience members collectively gasping "What" at certain parts.

So it's no surprise that Frozen won Best Animation Film, when pitted against The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Ernest and Celestine, and The Wind Rises. Not that those four films weren't good, but the first Despicable Me was my personal favorite, and it's really hard to make a sequel as good as the first. The Croods was interesting, but not nearly as entertaining for all audiences as the winner. And I haven't gotten around to seeing the last two yet so I can't give my opinion. But I can say that I fully support the Academy in giving the award to Frozen, not only because I am a huge Disney fan, but because the movie was fantastic for all who watched it, be it ten, twenty, fourty, or seventy.

But not only did Frozen win Best Animation Film, it also won Original Song. Kristin Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez wrote "Let It Go" which was up against "Happy" from Despicable Me 2, "The Moon Song" from Her, and "Ordinary Love" from Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom. After watching the performance of each of these songs last night, I was pretty worried that "Let It Go" wouldn't win, not because Idina Menzel was bad, in fact the actress who played Elsa rocked the ballad like only she can, but because the others were really good. I wasn't a fan of "The Moon Song" but I still knew it was a contenter, just as I knew "Happy" and "Ordinary Love" were up there as well. But "Let It Go" did in fact win, which they deserved.

Like the songwriters who wrote the songs for Frozen, I too have to wonder, could we get a Frozen 2? Would it be as good? With two Oscars for the film, I have to think it could be pretty great.


Do you want a Frozen 2?


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