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Non-Stop stars Liam Neeson who plays an Air Marshal aboard a plane crossing the Atlantic ocean on a very long flight when he gets a text message from somebody aboard the aircraft demanding that he get 150 Million dollars transferred into an account before people start getting killed.

After seeing the trailers for this movie I fully expected it to be an awesome action thriller with Liam Neeson. I thought it would be a movie that would redeem him from the absolutely dreadful Taken 2. Liam Neeson is the definition of a badass and this movie looked as if it would be awesome. Unfortunately this movie suffers from a very dry and bland script that completely ruins the movie all together. The script and dialog in this movie are so laughable that it is impossible to latch onto the tension that the movie is trying to build. This is a who done it movie and usually those are exciting, but this one falls short.

Throughout the movie I did find myself really trying to figure out who was sending Liam Neeson these texts and I can honestly say I didn't know who it was until they end. I think the movie did a good job with keeping the attention on the wrong people so you didn't know who the bad guy was until the end. Also this movie did do a good job of keeping you entertained when the entire movie does take place in an airplane. Also I can't fail to mention that the performance by Liam Neeson was very good. He played the character the best it could have been done and he was perfect for the role.

Unfortunately the bland script and not so exciting action sequences made this movie a boring mess with a resolution and twist that made absolutely no sense. I think in the end this movie could have used a lot more time put into the script to up the intensity and make the movie a lot better. The whole thing just felt so rushed. I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie in theaters, but it would make a good late night Redbox pick up or just wait for Netflix.

I give it a solid C.


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