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So for better or worse the Fantastic Four reboot has cast it's main characters. Where does this leave hard core comic fans? Definitely with a lot to contemplate. With the casting of Michael B. Jordan as the character of the HUMAN TORCH the game has been changed. Have we seen other castings that have been criticized for changing the ethnic background of the character. Let's look at the most recent ones that we've been exposed to.

Bane in DARK KNIGHT RISES is supposed to be a Hispanic character, but what did we get instead? A marble mouth speaking British person that was definitely Caucasian. Last summer's MAN of STEEL had Laurence Fishburne take on the iconic role of Perry White who in comic lore is most definitely not African American. The Jimmy Olsen character is not even in MAN of STEEL because they went and changed his sex from male to female hence we ended up with the character of Jenny. Do you even remember that character?

DAREDEVIL changed the race of it's main villain from Caucasian to African American, The Kingpin of Crime and I personally had no problem with the change.

Now it brings to question why the uproar over Michael B. Jordan's casting. Is it because Johnny Storm is just synonymous with Caucasian playboy? Is it OK to change something that many of us grew up with and loved? Like I said this is not going to be my FANTASTIC FOUR. Hell, I would rather have another sequel to the 2007 film. Was there issues with that iteration of these beloved characters? Yes there was but at least we had the FANTASTIC FOUR on the screen. With changes that series could have continued but here we are less than 10 years since the 2005 film and we have a reboot.

Look sadly enough it just comes down to money. As long as FOX has the rights to the FF they will do what they figure is best to make that money. If that means making the characters younger to bring in a demographic then they are going to do it. If it means changing a characters race and changing his connection to his female sibling, then so be it.

Will I be there opening night to see this version of the FF? Probably not. I can't even believe I wrote that because I am very enthusiastic about the current slate of Superhero films that are coming up but sadly enough this is not MY FANTASTIC FOUR.

Does changing the race of one of your favorite comic characters or supporting characters put you off to the point of turning your back on the project?


As a comic fan, are you OK with the changes for the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot?


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