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Jerome Maida

Jimmy Palmiotti is thrilled his most popular creation is coming to the big screen at long last.

"Painkiller Jane" , which Palmiotti co-created with Joe Quesada, is about a female vigilante who gains superpowers after suffering a near fatal car accident, Palmiotti co-wrote the screenplay with Craig Weeden and will also serve as a producer on the latest adaptation of his character.

The comic has been adapted twice before, once as a made-for-TV movie that greatly differed from its comic book roots, and then as a short-lived TV series, which Palmiotti also wrote for.

This time, "Painkiller Jane" is going to the big screen and Palmiotti couldn't be happier. He feels that this time, his creation is going to be done justice - and on the medium that is larger-than-life.

"Craig Weedon and I are really delighted to have this deal between Solipsist Films and us", Palmiotti told me. "We had just finished the screenplay and have had interest right out of the gate with a couple of companies, but Stephen L’Heureux of Solipsist Films was the most aggressive of the bunch and totally understood what I was looking for."

"Unlike the past Painkiller Jane deals, this time the script was co-written by me, directly based on the books I wrote and I was looking for the right partnership that understood what Jane was all about and not looking to make the property fit someone else’s needs", Palmiotti continues. "With Jane on its way, I’m now able to finish the next screenplay Craig and I have coming up called "Cursebreaker", a gothic horror story about a haunted northeastern town and I also have a Kickstarter called "Denver", which is a graphic novel (that) has a soundtrack that goes with it."


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