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Wait, Loki is Thor?! I'm so confused...

1.) I was almost Thor you know?

Ladies and gentlemen this man, Tom Hiddleston aka Loki almost became Thor -

Mind Raped
Mind Raped

Omg! He was almost Thor!

In the video below, producer Craig Kyle explains how Hiddleston’s auditions went and the video also features footage from Hiddleston’s screen-tests, including interviews with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and actress Natalie Portman talking about the importance of Hiddleston’s performance as Loki.

“At first Tom came in for Thor. He trained. He came in. He was ripped. He did a tremendous job, but he wasn’t Thor.”

2.) "Red-Ass, Mist-Ass..umm Kick-Mist?" It sounded WAY better in my head.

That's right! Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse auditioned for the protagonist, Kick-Ass. This happened back in 2010 before British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson charmed director Matthew Vaughn with his fantastic American accent.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse expressed his enthusiasm in a Q&A for Examiner -

“I’ve never done anything action,” he explained to the Examiner. “I don’t look like I shouldn’t do anything action-oriented. So it was a great honor that they sent me the script, and then I realized that I’m playing a kid who should not be doing action in a movie, and he has no superpowers or anything.”

Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived when director Vaughn HATED Christopher's audition for Kick-Ass...was it really that bad?

Christopher explains that it didn't go so well,

“Yeah, I read for the role of Kick-Ass, and [director Matthew Vaughn] hated it. He hated everything I did in the audition, but he gave me the role of Red Mist.”

Oh, well. Look on the bright side, at least you became a sweet villain...

3.) Cillian Murphy is The Batman!

I just noticed this but Scarecrow was the only villain to be in all three movies, you learn something new everyday kids! Before Cillian Murphy was cast as Crane aka the Scarecrow, in Batman Begins, the Irish actor screen-tested for the role of…

Yeah...that guy^

Little did you know that Nolan screen-tested several actors while Bale was off filming another movie. Nolan apparently met with “every young actor in town” while Bale was gone. All of the actors who screen-tested, shot scenes as both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

In the video below it shows Bale, Eion Bailey, and Murphy testing for the character wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit from Batman Forever.

Looking fabulous!
Looking fabulous!

Before we start the video - Here’s what Nolan had to say about Murphy’s screen-testing:

“We also had Cillian Murphy screen-test for Batman. He wasn’t right for that part in the way that Christian was. But the performance was incredible and everybody took huge notice of it while we were shooting it and while we watched the tests. I then was able to go to the studio and ask to put him in as Crane, as Scarecrow.”

I really did enjoy Cillian Murphy's audition tape as Bruce Wayne/Batman


Seriously? One of my favorite actors could've been Spider-Man?! Prior to being cast as Harry Osborn in the first film, James Franco went in for the role of Spidey!


Franco explained how substantial his auditions were and how Raimi offered him the part of should've made him Spider-Man!


“People bring up the fact that I auditioned for Peter Parker and I tested, and it was huge test. It must have been thousands of dollars just for this test. There were cranes and sets and they kept me waiting about six weeks. And then Tobey got the role and…I mean nobody believes when I say that I think he’s perfect for the role. I think he has done a better job than I would do in that role. But after the test, after Tobey got it, I guess Sam [Raimi] and I got along well enough that he wanted me in the movie. And as far as I know he didn’t audition anybody else for Harry. He just called me up and asked me if I wanted to play that role.”

James you didn't become Peter Parker but look at you now, years later..


5.) The Animated Lex Luthor is...Black?

Ok, as a child I thought he was but this has nothing to do with skin color, but it has plenty to do with his voice! Clancy Brown has become the quintessential voice of Lex Luthor, he is our Kevin Conroy for Superman: The Animated Series-

Bruce Timm (creator/producer of Batman:TAS) felt Brown’s powerful-menacing, somewhat charming voice would be better suited for Lex Luthor not Superman. Shoot, he made a way better villain!

There you have it! That's my list, I hope you all enjoyed!


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