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So it turns out that Ellen DeGeneres DOESN'T own the now infamous Oscar group selfie from her phone, that actually crashed Twitter for more than 20 minutes.

‘We crashed Twitter.’ Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen gathering the troops at the Oscars
Ellen gathering the troops at the Oscars

Well it turns out bizarrely that, legally, the person who TOOK the picture is the one who owns it - not the person who owns the camera/phone, or who organises the shoot. Weird, right?

So the actual owner of the pic is BRADLEY COOPER.

Cooper took the picture, so officially, it's his. This means that since he is the owner, if the picture were to be reproduced, even on Ellen's own show, he would have to give her the thumbs up. Any use of the image without his permission is a violation of the copyright.

Though I'm sure Cooper has other things to worry about. He seemed totally fine that the picture, which had a line-up including Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - went straight on to Twitter.

By 7am it been retweeted more than 3.4 million times, which breaks the record set by President Barack Obama with the picture of him hugging First Lady Michelle Obama after his re-election in 2012. Wow.

(Source: TMZ and Ruined Childhood and The Belfast Telegraph)


Does this seem fair?


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