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The Vampire Diaries couldn't keep it going forever, could it? Katherine had to be found out sooner or later, right?

The latest episode of the CW show, "No Exit" certainly progressed in that respect. But here's a re-cap of the show's best bits, just in case you were too excited to fully concentrate.

Well, where to begin? It's nice that Damon has another friend again, since Alaric has been missing for ages. Too bad his mischievous friend Enzo is a vampire, and Damon has been infected with an urge to eat other vampires.

It looked like the guys had fallen into a desperate hunger - meaning that they had to go around creating vampires just for dinner. Anyway, one of their creations woke up and Damon did his thing. Anyone who saw it knows "the thing". Yep, Damon bit his head off. Ouchy.

Then there was the scene where Stefan and Elena were worrying about Damon... Unsurprisingly. Sorry, did I say Elena? I meant "Kathlena". Katherine was almost giving herself away on a number of occaisons. The biggest red flag was not that "Elena" was disagreeing with a history book.

It also looked like Elena's next evil plan was to try and get rid of Damon. When Enzo told her Stefan will kill Damon if he feeds on Elena, she couldn't get to Damon fast enough!

...As for Caroline and Tyler? Hell, NO! This awkward attempt at friendship better not be the seed of a reconciliation. I'm just throwing this out there: KLAUS.

But then, just before the episode ended, Stefan and Caroline were hanging out, and Stefan noted perceptively that Elena was "acting strange." Tehy started putting the pieces of the puzzle together and FIIIIIINALLY figured out what Katherine did with the Traveller's spell and the person inside Elena's body. Took them long enough!

What did you think of the show? Will they manage to stop Miss Pierce before she causes any more trouble?

Find out what happens next in The Vampire Diaries Season 5 when the CW show return with Episode 15 titled "Gone Girl" on Thursday, March 6, at 8 pm ET.


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