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There is a particular type of comedy to be found in the cheapest, most awkwardly acted horror movies - and this Disciples trailer has it in abundance.

The synopsis for this movie calls it:

A dark twisted horror fantasy set in the modern day world, as a small group of humans and demons prepare for war when an ancient prophecy telling of an angel who will rise to unseat the emperor Lucifer becomes a terrifying reality. As evil grows stronger, alliances are formed and heroes will rise and humanity hanging in the balance.

Sounds like bullshit? Well, don't worry, it is!

From the very first shot of the priest the B-movie actors staple I'm-looking-at-a-naked-woman-but-trying-to-be-cool-about-it face to the monster near the end that looks only a little less scary than your dad might coming out of the shower, this trailer packs a lot in.

Not a lot that is any good, just a lot.

Take a look here. And die laughing:

So what was your favorite part? Will you be watching the movie? And what is the best worst horror movie of all time?


What is your favorite extremely bad horror movie?


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