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First came the villains. Now, it’s the heroes’ turn.

Not too long before it's theater release (March 7) I'm excited that a clip has been released that features all of the heroes of the next installment of 300, so we can be on top of the Spartan action, before we even see the film.

What's weird about the film is that is is based on an as-yet-unpublished graphic novel Xerxes by Frank Miller. Word has it that the new production loses none of its breathtaking visual style of the blockbuster 300, even though the director has changed from Zack Snyder to Noam Murro. Snyder has stayed on as a producer, though.

300: Rise of an Empire has been dubbed a spin-off (neither prequel nor sequel) to 300, which featured Gerard Butler in a star-making turn as King Leonidas. This time around, however, the star will not be returning as the fearless Spartan leader.

A familiar face will be that of Rodrigo Santoro, who is reprising his role as the antagonistic Persian king Xerxes whose integrity is challenged by the seductress Artemisia's (Eva Green) wiles. 300: Rise of an Empire show how Xerxes became 'the God King' and how the united city-states of Greece defended their homeland against him in the aftermath of the battle at the Thermopylae. But I'm happy that there are tons of new developments. This new chapter of the epic saga takes a lot of the action to an interesting new battlefield - the sea.

Watch the new heroes in the clip below - I would love to know what you think!

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