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It may have just scooped up a couple of Oscars, but Frozen is not content to stop there. Disney's blockbuster animated feature has raked in over $1 billion dollars at the box office putting it in a very elite club.

To put that into perspective, Frozen has pushed past The Lion King which made $987,483,777 worldwide and is all set to become Disney's highest grossing movie of all time.

The Lion King has been beaten
The Lion King has been beaten

Whereas the gap between The Lion King and Frozen is not monumental, comparing it to other animated franchises reveals just how much this Disney smash hit has dominated the scene. The two vastly successful Despicable Me movies only bought in around $620 million put together and all four Ice Age films only managed a comparatively measly $730 million.

According to Disney, this makes Frozen the 18th highest grossing movie in history and the 2nd highest grossing animated film behind Toy Story 3. I was absolutely staggered that the movie managed to beat every single one of the Twilight franchise, but even experts were stunned

Rentrak's senior advisor Paul Dergarabedian told the press;

I don't think anyone saw this coming. What 'Frozen' proves is that the Disney brand is incredibly strong and carries a lot of weight

Frozen fans can rejoice because this unprecedented success means there will be a lot more on the horizon for the franchise. Disney is said to be desperate to add a bit of Frozen's glitter to its theme parks, and I will eat my own hands if they don't make a sequel now!

Are you staggered by the success of Frozen? It is undoubtedly a Disney classic, but surely it can't beat iconic moments such as "Stampede, In the Gorge, Simba's down there!"?

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