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Following Robert Kirkman's plug for an issue of his comic book Super Dinosaur in "Claimed", those eagle-eyed dudes at The Talking Dead spotted another piece of shameless advertising during that episode.

While Rick was trying to evade the tennis ball-bouncing madman, he hid out in a kid's bedroom which featured a poster of a familiar film in the background.

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Check out the screenshot and see if you can spot it:

Hello Mr Reedus
Hello Mr Reedus

Just over Rick's left shoulder you'll see a poster for cult classic The Boondock Saints starring The Walking Dead's very own Norman Reedus.

It turns out this wasn't the first time the movie poster has been spotted as it also featured in the mid-season premiere, "After".

Check it out:

Boondock Saints poster
Boondock Saints poster

Keep your eyes peeled because there's bound to me more Easter Eggs in the coming weeks.

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Do you have a Boondock Saints poster on your wall?


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