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Can an interview given by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman in 2009 shed some light on what might happen for the remainder of Season 4?

Five years ago Kirkman spoke about events in the comic book which had seen the prison overrun by the Governor and the group scattered to the wind (sound familiar?).

He then said this about the twins Billy and Ben and the case of the mutilated animals:

One definitely killed that cat, Ben…and the other, Billy, is finding him in the act. More on that next issue.

Take away Ben and Billy and replace them with Lizzie and Mika.....

I theorized a while back that Lizzie would take the Ben role from the comics, which would ultimately lead to the murder of her sister, and while this quote from way back is in no way proof that I'm right, the similarities are striking. We know that somebody mutilated rats at the prison and in the episode "Inmates" Lizzie seemed to secretly kill a nest of baby rabbits. Will her sister be next?

As somebody much smarter than me once said, "The past informs the present".

Do you think Lizzie will take on the Ben role from the comics?

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Do you think Lizzie will kill her sister?


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