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I have decided as a new member to unleash a rambling after reading numerous post on here & online on the Arrow DCCU debate. The biggest debate is will Arrow's Stephen Armell move to Justice League or will they choose another? If Arrow does move to Justice League could he translate well, does Armell fit with the other cast & how do you transition Arrow from TV to movie? So here we go..

I know there are a ton of pros & cons to it, but if done right it could work out for everyone. First an end goal to Arrow & now Flash TV series has to be established or an end point for the transition from TV to movie. There isn't a need to run them for 10 years & only get a Smallville version of the Justice League. It's been done & we don't need it again. The easiest way to establish an end goal is to realize right now there is no one really showing a good solid Green Arrow movie script except 1. That 1 script idea that makes senses as a backdoor for Arrow to come to the big screen & works is David S Goyer & Justin Marks's Super Max. Then the potential of a Flash movie is on the table, both charters have an opportunity to transition from TV to movie well. Lets first look at the shows like an arm (like Agents of Shield is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe); you could establish Flash & Arrow as an arm to the DCCU.

So we know Justice League is coming in 2017, so we have 3 years. Arrow is 2 seasons in & Flash will have it's first season in 2014. So by 2017 Arrow could have atleast 5 to 6 seasons total by then. Flash will have atleast 3 maybe 4 seasons by 2017. That is enough time to establish them, age them & prepare for transition from TV to movie. So looking at Super Max script it's suppose to be Green Arrow framed & sentenced to a superpower proof prison that is sentient able to contain & disable powers. So an easy way to take this unknown priosn is to name it so it fits in the DCCU; & for comic readers & fans to know it. That name could be Blackgate Prison in Gotham City & a nod to Nolan's Batman trilogy; plus you could make a refrence to Batman: Blackgate comic as well where it was destroyed in a cataclysym & rebuilt from a baic super max prison to a new super max for the insurgence of meta-humans, villains & anti-heroes with high tech gadgets & the criminally insane. Blackgate has been known to house Batman's rouge gallery & in which some of those been featured heavily on Arrow like KGBeast who in the Batman comics calls Blackgate home. So transferring the villains who Arrow allowed to live to the movie is to make the residents of said prison. As in Goyer & Mark's script states Green Arrow meets A, B & C list villains from the DCU in the prison as he tries to escape, like Joker, Penguin, Riddler & Lex Luthor. So as many sources have reported in the Batman reboot we may or may not see a new Joker & we probally won't see Penguin & Riddler as they as well as Joker are being featured in the unattached DCCU TV series Gotham. If in Man of Steel 2, Luthor is caught or involved as a villian then you could put him in Blackgate to make a fluid DCCU connection. So what needs to be done first in transitioning Stephen Amell's Arrow to movie is to age him making him fit well in the Justice League members ages. Then with Grant Gustin's Flash his age would fit well as the 'kid" he seems to be portrayed in cartoons. So having the idea of the aging to fit well, placing them in a story line too that makes sense & fits well in the DCCU & a way to connect everything is established is key. So leaving the Super Max script to be edited so it connects to Justice League needs 1 thread, that thread is Batman/Bruce Wayne. That thread could go multiple ways:

1. Green Arrow is unmasked, exposing he is Oliver Queen a guy who has done business with Bruce Wayne & a person that has intrigued Batman. Making Batman & Bruce Wayne get involved.

2. Green Arrow has caught Batman's attention for a while & while investigating realized Green Arrow &/or Oliver Queen has been framed leaving Batman trying to expose the truth & Bruce Wayne to insert himself in the Queen family backlash drama. Also in a sly way making Green Arrow prove himself to Batman in resourcefulness by escaping a prison that is suppose to be unbreakable. Ending with Green Arrow escaping & outside the prison Batman is waiting for him making some kind of comment of "I thought you'd be out sooner". Then offering Green Arrow a spot on the team.

3. Then you could do all of or a combination of the other story lines, but also the ending when Green Arrow escapes have Batman & Flash both waiting. You could have some kind of witty banter between of them like Flash saying if you took any longer I was coming in with Batman giving a look at Flash

With this transition you can take the CW look & feel out of the movie as may feel that is what is a huge draw back from the transition from TV to movie. But the other thing is the TV series will have to shed characters for better or worse to start. Some may or should be killed for the "hero's journey" to happen from TV to movie & solo hero to team member. Like John Diggle dying would send him into a dark place & force Felicity Smoak to leave. Even with Felicity leaving could poteinally setup from the comics that she is the step-mother of Ronnie Raymond AKA Firestorm. Though she could end up dating his father & aging her to her early-30's by transition making Ronnie late teens & Ronnie's father early 40's to late 30's even. This would make a amazing Easter egg for fans. Then this would push Barry & Oliver apart; allowing Flash & Arrow to development independently. For also allowing Colton Haynes's Roy Harper on Arrow to become Arsenal much in the vain of Captian America's Buckey Barnes as the Winter Solider. Even exploring a new storyline as Oliver's half sister on the TV series Thea Queen who he calls Speedy becoming a armed hero working with her boyfriend Roy Harper or even a big plot twist having her now knowing of her real father Malcolm Merlyn & becoming a villain; being trained by the League of Assians. Leaving tensions between Oliver & Thea making for movie plot material. You could even establish Arrow's Slade Wilsion as the reason why Green Arrow is framed. By bringing Deathstroke in as Arrow's main villain, taking Man of Steel's Lex Luthor, adding Joker to Batman reboot & then deciding Reverse Flash or Captain Cold for Flash movie's main villain, thus making an ability for a solo movie on Legion of Doom maybe even Injustice. Just as Marvel is going forward with a Sinster Six movie to allow a Spider-Man movie without it being a Spider-Man movie. So a Legion of Doom movie won't be a Justice Leaguge movie, but contain the Justice League or members. Giving DCCU another movie under it's belt in a Phase 2 or Phase 3 movie like Marvel established. There is so much raw potential of TV to movie the is no reason it can't work. Not to mention the building of the Suicide Squad on Arrow right now could add more villains & anti-heroes to Super Max movie or even a follow up Green Arrow movie. Not to mention rumors Cyborg & Beast Boy are coming to Arrow too also allowing a setup for a Teen Titans movie with Arrow's Arsenal joining. This would make a strong case for Teen Titans with the stronger rumors Nightwing is coming to Arrow soon too. This might disappoint fans hoping to see Cyborg in the Justice League movie. But you could borrow Cyborg or even Nightwing from Teen Titans allowing either to make an appearance in Justice League creating a connection to Teen Titans movie. You could then re-transition Green Arrow & Bary Allen version of Flash back to small screen too making it work as Marvel did & is doing with Thor chracters & storylines being featured on TV, plus Nick Fury appearance & soon Captian America 2 storylines being featured on Agents of Shield as well. Even the possibility of Hulk getting his own TV series after Avengers 2. Then allowing if Flash goes back to TV to allow another Flash to be created for Flash 2 movie.

What're your thoughts true believers?


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