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Jennette Mccurdy can now say she has joined the likes of Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and Dylan Sprouse. A unique group of Disney/Nickelodeon stars that have had some photos leak to the internet that really should not be there. Jennette Mccurdy in the past has starred along side Miranda Cosgrove on the hit Nickelodeon show ICarly. She is 21 now and still on Nickelodeon with a show called Sam & Cat starring along side Ariana Grande.

Good and bad things can come from these leaked photos in my opinion. Miley Cyrus for example has completely embraced her new image with things like her VMA performance and her extremely popular and somewhat backlashed Wrecking ball music video. Vanessa Hudgens had some seriously bad images leak a few years back and its pretty safe to say that she has done a complete 180 and had some very good performances in movies like Spring Breakers, The Frozen Ground and most recently Gimme Shelter. Photos like these can mean good and bad for actresses like Jennette Mccurdy, but in my opinion I think its time she get out of Nickelodeon and look for some mature rolls in Hollywood. It has worked for many actresses in the past so who's to say it wont work for her.

The photos that have leaked really are not that different from her walking on the beach with a bikini, but everyone knows the general public won't see it that way. I think that Jennette Mccurdy will get though this pretty easily. Its not as bad as people may think. She may be done at Nickelodeon after this and I'm pretty sure she will be. Nickelodeon will most likely not take her back as a result of these leaked photos, but Jennette Mccurdy now has a chance to really prove herself in some more mature rolls in Hollywood. Maybe this is her wakeup call to move on.


Do you think this will affect Jennette Mccurdy negatively or will we quickly all forget about this?


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